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Welcome to! We are a stealthy Canadian company that is considered one of the best consultants in the Life Safety industry. We are the only registered vendor with Public Works & Procurement Services Canada to provide Disaster Response programming, We have worked with the RCMP and OPP since 2002. We work with Provincial Government Housing divisions, Industrial, Manufacturing, Residential, Mining, Provincial Courts, Commercial and Retail and Municipal Office sectors.

Founded in 1997… We are a 3rd party investigator with no vested interest in the components of your systems i.e. we don’t sell or service fire panels, extinguishers, smoke alarms or detectors, lighting, etc. That way you get as close to a true inspection by integrity standards.


We are a premier auditing and consulting company in Canada, we can audit for compliance in most any application and industry. We specialize in Life Safety (Fire, Disaster, Security, Safety & Liability) all aspects, from on-site audits, policy and procedure development, Act and Code compliances, Security reviews and risk analysis, procedure compliance, regulatory compliance and a host of training. We can train you for everything from Active Shooter/Threat, Fire Safety, Severe Weather threats, Utility Shut-down’s, Workplace Violence and Bullying, Lockdown programs to actual physical Drills.

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We are considered the Industry Standard by Canadian Policing and Governments in Canada. The majority of our work is with the Corporate and Private Sectors providing Fire Safety Plans to residential and commercial facilities. We also do Full Disaster Plan Response programs and Training on most any scale. From 3 storey walk-ups to Diamond Mines, commercial to industrial, we’re your best choice for Life Safety. We Audit, develop and deliver one of the most concise programs in our industry!

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Everyday we hear about some situation that ultimately un-nerves us about the safety of our surroundings. Many times an emergency can overwhelm victims and leadership is Required, both physically and by liability. If you own, manage, work or attend a business, commercial or residential facility you need to Pre-Plan what you would do if a threat is identified internally or more commonly externally. Lockdowns and Hold-and-Secure/Protect-in-Place programs are becoming an essential part of emergency planning. We offer fun and empowering approaches to ensure employees, occupants, the public and the local Authorities are aware of the what-to-do’s and the when-to-do’s for your specific facility!

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We all fear the unknown to some degree, relationships, jobs, kids all come with a general worry of some sort, but life is always moving ahead in time and we adapt to the best solutions we can muster at the time of our problems. Some things we can predict and prepare for, but others we can’t, things like Violence! Have you ever been in a situation where a fight broke out right there, or road rage had you feeling scared and unsure what to do, someone ever threaten you at work or have you ever been robbed…in every case you are a victim!

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